It Was an Interesting Trip to Put It Mildly

Of course I am not used to hanging out with guys with the sort of money my new boss has. I have been working for him for some time, but I had no clue about this. Some how I got a reputation as a guy who could be relied on to do certain types of things and keep my mouth shut. Obviously I am not using any names, although I was not even sure where these escorts in salt lake city came from. I did feel a little strange, but I was getting paid to hire them and it was not as though I hired them for my own use. By happenstance I did happen to benefit in that way. At any rate I showed up two days before he did and I was supposed to scout the talent, in this case they needed twelve girls for a very exclusive party. It was supposedly a big meeting to discuss an enormous business deal, but the entire time I was there I never saw anything save for beautiful girls partying with a couple of really rich guys.

At any rate I was doing my job, or mostly I was just waiting to help them if there was a need to make a deal. I was supposed to interpret, even though both of them seemed perfectly capable of communicating. I sort of knew who the other guy was and on the third night he and I had a discussion. He found out that my grandmother came from the same village that he was from and he believed that I was his cousin somehow, although I know he was drunk. The next thing I know he sent two of those girls to show me one of the bedrooms in the enormous suite where he was staying.